A new concept in equatorial tracking platforms

Crossbow Platforms: 225 lb capacity. 15+ hour battery life. Fits in a suitcase.

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1 Hour tracking

Tired of pushing your Dobsonian telescope around to keep up with the objects in the eyepiece? Afraid to leave that line of people at a public event to grab a different eyepiece? Crossbow has you covered with 1 hour of guaranteed on-target tracking. Relax, have a beer. Come back and it'll be right where you left it.

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Our platforms are strength tested and offer excellent stability at their rated capacities. And each one is star tested at high power to verify accuracy.

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I would highly recommend it if you're in the market for a platform. - Dwane Miles

Top features:


At 14 and 19 pounds, these are the lightest platforms on the market. Carry it with one hand easily. Crossbow equatorial platforms are built tough, yet light weight and easily transportable.

High Capacity

With a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs, the EQT-150SC and EQT-225SC platforms can handle some of the biggest Dobsonian telescopes available.

Battery life

The ultra-efficient drive system uses less than 3/10 of a watt so you’ll get over 15 hours on 2 AA batteries. So you can leave that spare car battery at home.


The Crossbow platform is travel-friendly and users have packed them in their suitcases. The small frames easily break down for transport, leaving you lots of room for the other things you love, like more astronomy gear.

Handcrafted with care

Each crossbow is hand-made in our shop in small-town California with lots of attention to detail. Our goal is to make your observing experience the most it can be and make it easier to share with others.

Each platform:
  • Is fabricated and built in the US
  • Is individually tested for precision
  • can fit most telescopes
  • comes with a quality guarantee

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Two sizes, two weight limits. The EQT-150SC handles most telescopes up to 150 pounds. The EQT-225SC has a larger footprint and can accommodate telescopes weighing up to 225 pounds.

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14 pounds

150 lb capacity

26"x25" footprint

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19 pounds

225 lb capacity

28"x28" footprint

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