“All night long the tracking was spot on…tracking exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a platform."

Dwane Miles

“Got the chance to set up my platform under the sky, it was an easy setup and tracked well from the start.”

Tim Gilliland

“Gregg was totally helpful and answered all of my questions. He and I had a nice chat on the use of his platform, tips for drift alignment, my specific needs, and the platform’s genesis. What a great guy.”
“Stability was outstanding. The Crossbow EQT platform is more stable than the stock ground board and Lazy Susan setup."

Steven Plant

“I used the mount with my 8" and it performed wonderfully. I had a lot of nice comments on it as well. Used it to help with a star party for the AMOS (Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies) conference here on Maui with astronomers & physicists attending from all over. I had the Moon centered and walked away for 45 minutes, still right in the center. I was stoked!”

Cindy Krach

“I love my platform! I will never be without it. It changed viewing for the better, forever. I can really use all of my 16 inch f/4.5 now. It is my best astronomy equipment purchase ever. Thanks!”

Steven Plant

“I set up the platform and it works like a charm. An 18" in my apartment complex is certainly a crowd-puller, so when I set up to test the platform, I had quite a few people wanting to view Jupiter / the moon on the telescope. The platform made it very easy.”

”I didn't align the platform carefully. Just roughly leveled the bubble and pointed towards north, and it gave me very good tracking.

I could comfortably observe with a 4.5mm eyepiece (~457x), and I got a very good view of Eskimo Nebula. It was very convenient to not have to keep re-finding the object after changing eyepieces! I like the platform even more now!”

Akarsh Simha

“The platform is spectacular! Perfect tracking and fit/function. I'll be adding an 18" soon and plan to give it a lot more use, especially with TSP coming up again.”

Chris Ober